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SATEL-LIGHT is back, sorry for the interruption ! We have had a major hardware failure. Satel-Light is now working on a brand new platform.

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We still offer for free five years of half hour values : 1996-2000. There are many maps, not just for solar radiation or daylight, for temperature too !

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The site map gives you a bird's eye view of the site.

Our four guides can help you in producing data:

O.Schmidt shows you how to produce a map for Europe.
shows you how to produce a map for Poland.
shows you how to produce outdoor information for a site.
shows you how to produce daylighting information for a site.

The Quiz The map of the week The site of the week
10 Questions on the Sun and on Satel-Light. Challenge yourself, over and over, the quiz is never the same !
Map of the WeekThe map of the week is in the "pixels" mode. It shows the frequency of sunny skies over France, for the whole year.
Site of the WeekThe site of the week is Paris, France.
Two reports are available: solar radiation and daylighting.
To see it best In the work In the work
Satel-Light is using javascript and java applets. Active maps or clickable maps will only operate if they have not been disabled. If you do not allow cookies, you will not be able to get data for a site !

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The MSG satellite, the second generation of METEOSAT satellites has been launched on August 28, 2002. It produces every 15 mn, images in 12 spectral channels, with a 1 km resolution in the visible channel.
Satel-Light has been tested by thousands of users. However, if you have doubts on the results that you obtained, please let us know !

If you want to contribute to the server with a web link, a question for the quiz, a new idea for our reports, please let us know !